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Fungicide Program Review Activities

Activity Information

This activity is designed to test your critical thinking skills when evaluating a grape powdery mildew spray program. In this activity, please look through each of the different vineyard scenarios posted below, and figure out why that vineyard had a control failure with powdery mildew.

Fungicide labels and activity worksheets are provided to help you organize your thoughts. Once you are done, check your answers against the provided Answer Key.

Spray Program Scenarios

Fungicide Labels

All of the labels below link to the CDMS Label Database – The fungicides listed below are for educational purposes only, and their specific mention is not an indication of endorsement or of efficacy. Please check your individual state rules and regulations for the most recent and accurate information on product registration and use restrictions. Always follow the label on the product packaging you are using.


First time reading a fungicide label? The following resources can walk you through the process:


The following worksheets are designed to help you organize thoughts and information you find in the fungicide labels and in the scenario descriptions.


Answer Keys

In all of the different scenarios, there can be a number of different reasons for disease control failure. The answer keys below contain information on what the most probably cause of failure can be, but is not necessarily the exhaustive list of reasons.




No endorsement is intended for products mentioned, nor is lack of endorsement meant for products not mentioned. The author assumes no liability resulting from the use of pesticides detailed in this activity. Application of a pesticide to a crop or site that is not on the label is a violation of pesticide law and may subject the applicator to civil penalties in their state. In addition, such an application may result in illegal residues that could subject the crop to seizure or embargo action by the state or the US Food and Drug Administration. It is your responsibility to check the label before using the product to ensure lawful use and obtain all necessary permits in advance.